About Us

        Our company was founded in 2002 in Konya for the purpose of pesticide, seed and fertilizer sales. Our company who released its own products with the registration of three products started production in the same year by having two more product registrations. Our company that has been working with the principle of minimum cost and maximum efficiency has a corner on the market. Our company that meets all the requirements for a good farming, uses high technology machines in fertilizer production and make an endeavour to get the best results for our farmers. We have been meeting expectations with our sector experience for more than 10 years.


      Now, it is our biggest pride to aim at service for Turkish farmers with our company’s technical support, specialty and the work understanding for requirements. Development of Turkish agriculture and farmers is our biggest desire.


      We, the Biyonik Tarım Ürünleri, have 11 certificates that are product registration, organic fertilizer license and chemical fertilizer production license. As a company, we reached to the last stages in our activities to start production with our new production facilities and with our more modern machines.


       Our target is to develop our existing quality much more and to introduce our company to the Turkish farmers and in international arean and to works in order to be a global brand.